Group Coaching

Change It Up - Group ProgramsIn addition to private one-on-one sessions, I also offer group coaching.

This community-based platform will give you the opportunity to receive best practices and strategies as part of a beautiful tribe of women who are also looking to accelerate their career— and everything in between.

During these growth-focused and very personalized sessions, you will receive one-on-one laser coaching in a group setting. The amazing thing about this type of program is that you not only get to experience direct coaching from me, but you also have a chance to hear what keeps other women up at night (and the steps they are taking to up-level their success).

Collaboration and inspiration intersect here! This platform allows you to improve your own personal growth by simply observing other women’s case studies. And, the combo of personal coaching along with the group’s powerful synergy will truly catapult you forward to achieving your goals.

You will also have exclusive access to our private FB group. Here you can receive additional coaching (beyond the dedicated sessions) and post follow up questions or comments to the other women in the group and share inspiration!



Find Your Flow with Nina Antinora's whiteboard sessions


Space is extremely limited to ensure that everyone receives ample coaching time. Be sure to claim your spot!

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