How I Can Help

It’s an absolute honor for me to share my deep intuition, expertise and strategies to help you RECLAIM YOUR LIFE—from career to everything in between.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to explore this vital time on your journey with you! By partnering with me, you will learn how to see your life through a new lens. Realize that life is a reflection of the perspective you hold about it, so if you see the glass as half empty—let’s CHANGE IT UP!

Discover how to break out from your own personal prison of negative beliefs and fear to feel lighter, brighter, and aligned with your greater purpose. Gain tools that will help you adopt a new GROWTH MINDSET that will catapult you forward to up-level every area of your life. Increase your self-worth to sky-rocket your net-worth and experience more daily joy along the way!

I will motivate and inspire you to tap into your awareness and courage in order to be UNSTOPPABLE in your own pursuit of reaching FREEDOM your own TRUE NORTH!

1:1 Coaching

Gain strategies to increase clarity, build   confidence, and create purposeful action plans to up-level your career.


Group Programs

Powerful peer-to-peer live and virtual sessions to receive best practices and accelerate your business.



WalkingWorkshops™ and laser coaching while you burn calories and ignite the mind and soul out on the SoCal trails.



Experiential live events and webinars that evoke topic-driven solutions and tools to conquer what keeps you up at night.



Connect. Collaborate. Create. Beautiful sojourns that serve as a springboard to inspire change and transformation.



Online modules that will completely transform your career and help you achieve greater success and daily joy!



What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying


Before working with Nina I felt absolutely stretched too thin and depleted with too much on my plate. Nina recognized and showed me the potential I had within to start a new career.  She has a natural gift that inspires me to increase my awareness in order to get super clear on what I truly want. And, she continues to motivate me on a path that I walk each and every day. The payoff is incredible— I now have a NEW job that I really enjoy with  AMAZING INCOME. In fact, Nina helped me completely reimagine my career so that I can also work from home, with a schedule that I dictate so I am now able to attend all of my children’s school events. I feel so fortunate to have found balance, purpose, and clarity about my career. I cannot thank Nina enough for her guidance and motivation!

Lorraine L.

New Jersey


I started working with Nina shortly after I retired from my 22-year career and was feeling completely lost and overwhelmed.  I realized I had used my work to define who I was and all of a sudden I was full of self-doubt and lost all confidence in myself. Nina helped me gain my confidence back and identify my priorities.  She challenged me a few times throughout the journey because I started to fall back into my ‘comfort zone’ and thought I was in a good place, but she made me realize I needed to trust the process.  I was able to work through so many different emotions—really get grounded and ready to go back into the work force RENEWED and READY!  After my sessions with Nina, I landed a new AMAZING JOB close to home that allows me to balance both work and family. Thank you Nina for being such a great mentor and coach!

Kim F.

New Jersey


Nina Antinora is living proof that it’s never too late to make a change for the better in your life. The fact that she herself has lived and breathed this process makes her all the more qualified and trustworthy in giving phenomenal expertise on how to initiate and manage change. She has helped me trust myself more, open up to the options I have and to realize that I hold all the cards! I’ve been able to up-level my career and navigate personal relationships better thanks to Nina! She has a natural gift for helping people increase their awareness and in return understand that we always have a choice. She has helped me tremendously in changing my mindset and wrapping my arms around this principle. I’m forever grateful for her guidance and will continue to utilize her tools.

Valentina B.

New Jersey

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