Private Retreats


Connect. Collaborate. Create.


Time to clear your mind, get in touch with your heart, and tune into the whisper of your soul! These inspiring sojourns will help you release, recharge and reinvent yourself!

Maybe you’re feeling derailed by all the distractions in your life. Or perhaps other people’s perceptions are getting in the way of your true self and self-love. Maybe you just need a kick-start to make a change.

Whatever has led you here (and hopefully to one of my upcoming retreats), you will learn powerful strategies and techniques that will inspire forward movement and unleash creativity and productivity.

You will also have the opportunity to find your Tribe and foster new connections with other like-minded women. These connections lead to collaboration and collaboration (along with my strategies) will help you to create purposeful action plans that are aligned with your greater good.

Through this process you will also uncover your authentic self, find your courage and increase your confidence in order to truly Reclaim Your Life!

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