Change It Up Corporate is a division of Change It Up, LLC. which was founded in 2015 by Nina Antinora.


This NetGEN coaching & training company is an extension of Nina’s two decades of consultancy experience working with hundreds of global fortune 500 clients in cross functional roles. During Nina’s time spearheading global events and training programs, she identified a gigantic unmet need for bridging strategy, data, and process with emotional intelligence that’s rooted in workplace mindfulness.


So, she decided to pursue further education and training to master the skills necessary to help her client’s up-level their success through enhanced communication and increased self-awareness.


Nina and her team share transformational strategies and tools that enable her clients to achieve unparalleled results through these mindful methodologies.


Looking to transform behaviors, results, and ROI?


Let us help you ‘Change It Up’ to increase your employee engagement, performance, and improve your B2B & B2C relationships


Why Us? Simply put, we are Smart with Heart.


We come from a place of pure and utter authenticity that’s fueled with passion for helping you and your organization reach your greatest potential and ‘step up & into’ the absolute best version of yourselves (as leaders, managers, and collaborators).
Sure, we have a plethora of degrees, certifications, and credentials behind us, but we truly believe that our key differentiator is our innate ability to ascertain each client’s needs and intuitively deliver best practices and strategies that are aligned with your organization’s mission and vision.


Powerful Workshops and Programs Designed to Ignite Change!


You and your team will learn transformational practices to shift perspective, increase awareness and adopt a growth mindset.
With our MindfulMe Model(TM) as the foundation and backbone all of our programs, we share best practices and strategies rooted in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and empathic communication & leadership skills.


These custom designed Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops will help you:


  • Improve communication and performance
  • Enhance internal team and customer relationships
  • Improve self-awareness (at work and home)
  • De-stress and feel more centered
  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Up-level productivity
  • Lead more effectively mindful practices
  • And,experience more daily Joy!


Uncovering the Root & Peeling back the Layers.

We are huge advocates for positive change through a growth mindset, along with enhanced communication skills that are aligned with your key initiatives and goals. We help you peel back the layers to uncover pain points, gaps, and how to improve performance and employee engagement.


Bridging the Gap.


Our process helps you bridge various strategy and processes with emotional intelligence that’s rooted in workplace mindfulness.


Change It Up Corporate site launching in early 2019. Check back soon for more details and RFPs to collaborate!












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