Go Within In Order to Fly Forward!

In this article, I share a sneak peek from my FREE E-BOOK on how to Align with your Authentic Heart. These strategies are gleaned from my personal journey on how I went from feeling unfulfilled and full of self-doubt—to manifesting ABUNDANCE.

Align with your Authentic Heart I also share how I was able to break-free from the shackles of my trapped (negative) emotions by tapping into my very own Authentic Heart and creating a new path for my greater good.

I’m now standing in my own truth and finally able to attract healthy relationships, amazing business opportunities and feel 100% confident in my choices. This is the what happens when you show up for yourself!

How can you do the same?

  In my FREE GUIDE I will help you increase your awareness in order to shine a light on the path that’s really meant for your higher good. My step-by-step system will help you navigate your way to your own True North!

 The 5 pillars I’ve created have already catapulted to the top of my toolkit offerings. Since my client’s have found it to be such a valuable formula towards transformation— from career to personal relationships, I decided to share publicly. Now, everyone can benefit from these 5 steps to Align with your Authentic Heart.

But Wait! What Does “Being Authentic” Really Mean?

What does it mean to be authentic

Living authentically is when our actions and words are harmonious with our beliefs & values.


Align with your authentic heartThis comes from a genuine place within that’s tethered to our soul’s greater purpose.

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to stand in our own truth, especially when we allow past experiences or fear to create walls preventing us from discovering our True North.

The key to authenticity is to first increase your self-awareness and learn what’s in the way of living authentically.

I know first hand this isn’t always easy…trust me.

Yes, it’s difficult and uncomfortable. And, at times excruciating. I have lived through all of those feelings and emotions.

But, I made it through and emerged on the other side of fear feeling Awakened. Renewed. Grateful. And, finally Fulfilled!

Living authentically is about living from the heart. 


Be AuthenticIt’s so hard to know what your heart wants when the needs and the judgments of others cloud our self-perception and influence our beliefs. Another secret to find authenticity in life is to understand YOUR truth.

To get there, we have to jump through so many hurdles, including what finding ‘your truth looks like’ in a sea of doubt and fear.  And let’s not forget about the projections of other people and situations over many years that may not serve you.

However, once you know which of those beliefs belong to you, are informed by you, are part of YOU, then you can make the last changes you need to live your best life.

It all begins with self-awareness.


TIP> Happiness can be a temporary feeling, but when rooted in soulful fulfillment— it’s a game changer!

My Personal Journey to Align With My Authentic Heart.

How Nina Antinora tapped into her authentic heart

For me, it was about quieting the noise outside so I could listen to myself, learn to figure out what I wanted for me. Yes, ME. Not what my family or friends wanted. And most certainly not what those damn ‘Joneses’ projected onto me!

I knew I had to figure out how to best change my mindset. And, I could only do this once I placed trust and belief in myself (on my own). And most importantly, embrace the fact that I am worthy (we all are!) of fulfillment.

You see, I was happy. But, I was not fulfilled. And, for a very very long time I confused the two and thought they were actually the same. I can tell you. They are not.

How many of you can relate to this?


Your path to AbundanceJust like my experience, when you are at a crossroad, you can go on with feelings of underlying emptiness, self-doubt, and continue to ask yourself  “is this it”?


You can set out on a new path towards self-discovery to find out for yourself if that was in fact “it”!

And, realize that above all else, it is in YOUR power, and YOUR responsibility to make a change and understand that you are never, ever stuck. Please don’t remain stagnant or continue to hang out in a small ‘status quo’ pond. Life is way too short to settle for anything less than what’s meant for your greater good.

So, I encourage you to set out on a journey to find your true desires. I know it isn’t easy (nothing worth it is, right?!). But from where I stand now, I can honestly say that my ‘sojourn back to self’ saved my life.

Now, that’s a powerful statement. Yes, it did save me.

Well, I actually I ‘saved me’ by finally embracing and then honoring my own truth through awareness, self-love, and trusting the process.

You see, when I was finally able to align with my authentic heart, I was able to uncover my soul’s greater purpose. And, that purpose and calling is to help others find their own way to a happy and fulfilling life.

Now, my greatest hope is that you too will find your own authenticity by living from your whole heart and telling the ‘Joneses’ where to go!

Two important questions to ask yourself:

Find your joy again by being authentic to yourself1. Am I being true to myself?
(and when you ask this, did you get a pang in your gut, heart, or anywhere else?)

2. Am I living the life I love?

If you answered NO or UNSURE to either question, you’ll definitely want to download my 5 Steps to Help You Navigate Your Way Back To Beautiful, Authentic You!

Are you ready to finally live the life you love and love the life you live?

I’m so excited for your journey back to self to begin…It’s time for you to increase daily joy and create soulful success!

I wish you love and light on your journey…

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