In this article, I share 5 Mindful Tips for a Healthy and Happy Summer.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been hearing all about that mid-summer lull— it’s hot, business is slowing for some, while others are feeling overwhelmed juggling schedules and over-committing (to things they don’t even want to do but feel bad saying NO!).

And, most of the moms out there are feeling drained and totally depleted from balancing work with running the kiddos to camp, the pool, the beach, and outdoor playdates! Wow, that does sound exhausting!

When we’re in that midsummer grind, it can sometimes feel hard to stop and focus, to put the attention on caring for ourselves that will carry us into fall.

So, please remember that self-care is not selfish.

In fact, it’s imperative that we refuel our own soul tanks in order to live our best life and be there for others.

Adopting a Mindful Mindset is key!

With August on the horizon, here are some helpful tips to enjoy the rest of this season in the sun!

5 Mindful Tips for a Healthy and Happy Summer



It’s summer, and planned vacations are essential to recharge— but are you also taking some time off during the evenings or weekends to spend with loved ones and enjoy some summertime activities?

Being cooped up indoors all day with the AC on is no way to enjoy summer. Even worse, is being outdoors and not fully present in the moment because your brain is always onto the next thing

How can you squash that ‘busy bee’ and just BE?

I recommend you spread your ‘YOU time’ throughout the day. Instead of feeling defeated because you can’t carve out an hour for some quiet time to read or go for a run, try creating just one or two minutes a few times a day just for you.

It can be as simple as closing your eyes to just BE and tap into your own breath. Or, drink a big glass of water, listen to your fav song, look at photos, check out a sunset—anything that brings you joy.

I call this a MindfulMinute™.


I talk quite a bit about NOT ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ and you do YOU!

So, please put self-consciousness out to pasture. Don’t let yourself miss out on the experiences of NOW by judging yourself against the person you think you want to be.

Enjoy life. YOUR LIFE. And, f*ck the joneses!

Come on, say it with me— I’ll do me and you do you!

So many of us spend the summer ‘covering up’ —ourselves, our identities, our bodies.
I say, wear that cute bikini on the beach, walk hand-in-hand with your love at the county fair, say HI to people on the streets of NYC (I know a crazy idea, right?)

My sweet Gram used to always tell me— Ni, you do what makes YOU HAPPY. And, I’m passing that very wise advice on to you.

Be proud of who you are and realize—
YOU ARE MORE! More than you think!


Another great way to have a Healthy and Happy Summer is to get those endorphins going! Whether it’s going for a run at the beach, a hike (like myTrailChats™ here in California), or even boogie boarding, make sure you spend time with your friends and family outdoors – take the warm months as an opportunity to reconnect with nature —and reconnect with yourself.

The summer is a special time to take stock of what’s most important to us and to make changes that will take us successfully through the rest of the year.

When we create time to listen to the birds, smell those proverbial flowers, or sit on the beach to watch the surfers go with the flow’, we are calming our nervous system and de-stressing by default! If you want a happy and healthy summer, this is one of the most important tips.

Nature also helps us change our perspective and mindset. We are able to practice the art of mindfulness when we step back and witness all of the natural beauty around us.


And I’m not talking about protein shakes or energy bars to get you through the day. Trust me on this one! I had to learn the hard way that we must balance REAL FOOD with those yummy shakes. If you are local to North County, SD stop by Goodonya Organic Eatery—YUM!

So, take balanced, thought-out snacks with you wherever you go and eat REAL MEALS! Now, I’m not a nutritionist or dietician, but I can tell you from personal experience that everyone’s biochemistry and dietary needs are different. What may be good for your BFF may not nourish you in the same way.

Eat organic and whole foods when you can. But, please be aware of labels! Just because it says ‘all-natural’ doesn’t mean all ingredients are good for you. Especially those keywords ‘natural flavors’— that can be anything!

Try eating more (smaller) meals throughout the day instead of skipping meals and eating a big dinner. Be aware of your blood sugar in the summer months. The heat can exacerbate your condition (again, trust me on this one!)

Oh, and drinking good ol’ H20 is such a vital part of staying healthy and happy this summer! Dehydration can sneak up on you and render you housebound or worse.

Feeding our body is just as critical as feeding our mind, after all.

And finally…


We often spend so much time protecting ourselves from the sun, we forget that Vitamin D is something we all need to improve our mood.

How many of you over 35 were surprised to hear from your doctor that you are Vitamin D deficient?

I know I was. But, thinking back I guess it made sense. After moving to sun-drenched SoCal, I was told by a dermatologist to ‘protect myself from the sun’. So for the past 7 years, that’s why you see most of my posts in hats— LMAO. I’m always covering up and slathering on the sunblock!

But, I realized that a little direct sun is so uber important. So, take a break and enjoy limited time in the sun to replenish yourself.

Especially in those hot areas, staying indoors all day is tempting, but your body will thank you if you spend some time outdoors. And not to mention, the healing effects of directing your face into the sunlight. The warm glow, and it’s also tied back to tip #3—Connecting with Nature.

Yes see, it’s all connected. That’s the beauty of practicing Mindfulness. So, whether it’s self-care, eating healthy, spending time outdoors and with those who make our hearts happy— as long as we are being fully present in the moment and not judging (ourselves or others!) we are creating healthy habits that lead to magical summer moments.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Mindfulness and experiencing more daily joy, check out my Signature Program— TRUE NORTH!

P.S. Please know that big changes can happen with small steps. So, even if you focus on one of the above tips, this will help change your mindset! And in turn, change the trajectory of your path. The path to a Healthy and Happy Summer and beyond!

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