Our path. 

Sometimes the methodical stones in which we lay and the path we worked so hard to build will run out or fall apart. It is so important that we see that this is NOT a bad thing or a STOP completely. In fact, it is in these very moments that we need to take a step back and perhaps let go of what we have been holding so tight so we can make room for something even better for our future. Sometimes we even have to release the vision of the road we created in our head of what our correct path/experience is supposed to look like and change our focus in order to change our outcome.

Pause. Release and Refocus.   

You see, OUR PATH NEVER ENDS. Let’s think of these situations more as barometers and not moments that define a failure or an inadequacy. These are the pivotal moments in life that test where we are in relation to our own personal growth and beliefs. So as I now see it (and trust me, I didn’t always see it this way) these situations are more like opportunities for us to: Stop. Zoom Out. Refocus…And Rebuild. Perhaps this path is no longer for our greater good and this is actually a blessing in disguise. In essence, forcing us to change our trajectory towards what’s actually meant for us. Some of us will remain on a path or in a situation out of comfort or fear of the unknown. So if we can look at the path “falling short” as an “opportunity” and BELIEVE there is a reason, we can alleviate most of the fear and doubt behind that proverbial roadblock…and see that this is not a block at all!

To believe.

The simple definition of “believe” is:  to accept or regard (something) as true.

Truth and beliefs are very personal to each of us. I feel it all starts with believing in ourselves, along with believing in something greater than ourselves.It is in our power to BELIEVE and trust that everything in fact is happening for a reason. Believe me (yes, pun intended) it’s so so hard to see this sometimes but, we must never give up in believing that whatever is happening is not happening “to us”. It is simply “happening” and it is in our power to find the lesson, the gift, and the positive- no matter how difficult. We owe this to ourselves- to our personal development on our own life’s journey. We must trust and truly believe that sometimes we can’t force an outcome or see what may be best for us at that current moment. Life has a way of sometimes presenting us not with what we think we want, but with what we actually do need. So, let’s continue to trust and believe in the process and focus on the things we have the ability to change.

What we can control.  

I know first hand there will (what seems to be) roadblocks along with heart-thumping fear and overall stress in our daily lives. We have no control over certain things around us, but we do (always) have control over our own mindset, reactions, perceptions, and our beliefs… Again to believe in the reason it’s happening and to push forward to find it within ourselves- ability to see the positive…even if it’s not on the surface. There is always a “positive” somewhere, sometimes buried deep within. In fact, for every single negative, I bet if you changed your mindset you could find at least three positives from the situation.

A new way. 

So for anyone going through what seems to be “the end” or something “falling apart” I ask that you take the time to change your mindset and BELIEVE that this is in fact happening for a reason. Use this as an opportunity to rebuild, recreate, reinvent and continue moving forward on your new path. The first step in moving forward is to just BELIEVE. You are exactly where you are meant to be and you are given opportunities every day to make certain decisions and practice your reactions to adversity. Believe in yourself…You got this!

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