As the leaves change and fall to the ground, we too have opportunities to shed layers within that may no longer serve our greater good. During this time, obstacles may appear and often the only way to move forward is- through.

Through…whatever may be holding us back- fear, self doubt, judgments, or actual physical impediments. Although difficult and sometimes seemingly unbearable, we must work through the pain in order to heal and release whatever is holding us back.

Obstacles = Opportunities. Hard concept to wrap our arms around- I get it! I truly view obstacles as opportunities. Well, this wasn’t always the case for me, as I would often find myself on a downward spiral- becoming so stuck in the disappointment or difficulty of the situation and wasn’t able to STOP and ZOOM OUT to see that this was actually a blessing.

Everything we experience in life is an opportunity to learn and grow- a time for reconsideration of where we are and where we want to be…by changing our mindset and perceptions we can change our outcomes.

I was recently hit with a double-whammy (or so I thought at first), having just been a few days post (major) surgery. While literally learning how to walk again, I had to deal with a very difficult person in my life. This person was not supportive during my recovery period and actually added to the stress in my life, rather than aid in my recovery. I admit I was hurt and disappointed at first, but quickly realized I needed to change my mindset. So, that mental-shift actually happened in the very same moment I turned a corner (yes, I literally turned a corner outside on the sidewalk-lol). Ah, how poetic, right?!

The moment of transformation:

I had to practice how to simply stand correctly and then eventually (very carefully) walk outside the house…a few steps at a time. One of the immediate goals I set for myself was to get to the corner at the end of the street and back. Not only did I hit my goal that day, I was able to “turn the corner” and continue to walk till I eventually made it around the entire block!

As I concentrated on my steps- I was able to silence out all of the negativity that surrounded my very essence. I couldn’t afford to expend one more ounce of my energy on this person’s behavior. I had to take care of myself and focus on rebuilding my muscles so I could walk again. So I had to release the anger, hurt and disappointment and focus of ME. And, there was absolutely no time in my rehabilitation schedule to sit there and feel sorry for myself. It was in that very pivotal moment for me that those physical and emotional obstacles were clear as day- in fact- opportunities. By harnessing that energy I once placed on the negativity of my situation, I was able to catapult forward in my recovery, mostly due to those (once perceived) obstacles!

See…Obstacles DO = Opportunities!

I’m so thankful for all of the obstacles that indeed led me to this one! If I hadn’t experienced all of those situations previously, I wouldn’t have had the chance to practice changing my mindset (so many times!). So, when I arrived at this poignant moment in my life, I knew enough to quickly change my mindset-like the flick of a switch! This really was a very critical point in my life. I really needed to look out for myself/for my own wellbeing and not allow another person’s “stuff” to get in the way of my goals. So, I kept going…

Perfect example of what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? I hope that you can see that these temporary roadblocks are in fact opportunities to practice self-love, uncover our own self-worth and our power within to survive- to come up with solutions to these situations and kick-ass!

Keep in mind; sometimes we must lean on something or someone to help us get through. This does not mean we are weak, rather a true testament to our own strength. I totally get that asking for help is sometimes difficult, but in doing so we are demonstrating self-love, awareness and acceptance…and from these gems-strength is possible and ever so present!

Let’s continue to work hard, shed what no longer serves us, lean on others when needed and change our mindset to change our outcome!

I leave you with this: To Fall Is Not To Fail. Get Up. Change Your Mindset & Fall Forward.



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