I am beyond thankful. Not only this week where we are all (hopefully) reflecting and giving thanks, but Every. Single. Day. Even for those days that at the time seemed so unbearable and oh so heart wrenching, but in actuality were happening for a magnificent purpose. Well magnificent, after finally realizing it was all in fact, temporary and a reason for everything unfolding. It took some time, self reflection and change in mindset, but I was eventually able to see that without the disappointments and endings from my past- without the love lost, broken plans, project delays, and missteps, I never would have ended up here. Right here- where I am so grateful to be.

In fact, where I am truly meant to be. Here, where I plant my feet right now in this warm sand, taking in this beautiful view- as the ocean breeze gently flutters by my face, and the glow of the sun gently wraps its rays around me as it slowly dips into the pacific. The way I see it, I would not have had this opportunity to stand here, present in this current moment if not for those “unbearable” circumstances of my past.

So, I invite you all to consider “what if”…just “what if” these disappointments and what seem to be mistakes, are actually blessings and opportunities? “What if” these negative occurrences are actually for your greater good and will lead you to your own moment of gratitude looking back? Believe me, I know it’s not easy to embrace difficulties, see the positive in the negative, and be thankful all at the same time. However, I assure you that there is a lesson or an opportunity in every single situation we experience. There are no mistakes, only lessons and opportunities for gratitude.

As I reflect on the past few years- well actually my entire life till this point, I truly feel an overwhelming abundance of joy and gratitude. By acknowledging my past and accepting ALL circumstances (positive and negative), I was able to move forward, uncover the lessons and CREATE THE LIFE I CRAVE.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! xo

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